As part of our volunteering scheme, employees can take up to 5 working days paid per year, to dedicate their time to support a charity, institution, or community group, by volunteering their time.

Six Members of our Commercial team recently completed a full day volunteering at Marshall Park in Braintree, Essex, helping members of the council to tidy up the nature reserve.

The volunteering project was arranged through Braintree District Council, but the volunteering is collated and organised by ‘The Friends of Hoppit Mead LNR’, a charitable organisation.

The team was collecting litter from around the nature reserve as well as destroying weeds and taking part in the organisation’s annual ‘Balsam Bashing’.

‘Balsam Bashing’ is the process of destroying the Balsam weeds that grow along the riverbank. The team had to pull the Balsam out from the ground and stamp on the roots. These plants can grow up to 6ft tall and are a threat to other plants, as well as damaging habitats along banks and riversides. Our group removed huge amounts of the plant from the riverbank, so it was a successful day.

Well done to Anna Pringle, Millie Bauckham, Jess Pooley, Ellie Ivey, Josh Aylward and Ricky Clark for volunteering your time and helping the local community with this project.