A Grid Capacity Solution

Improving Developers odds in the race for Grid Capacity

Electricity capacity is now one of the biggest risks to your projects viability.

Our Grid Dynamix service helps bridge the gap between your changing needs and the grid’s capability to meet them, reporting on time, cost and deliverability at each stage of your projects development. This service enables our customers to stay ahead of the competition.

Providing close support, Grid Dynamix allows you to relax, knowing that you will be alerted as soon as anything changes, allowing you to focus on other key risks such as planning.

Grid Dynamix offers certainty, working with you to ensure a site is deliverable by using our in-house skills and experience, to assess loads, costs, ensure milestones are met and applications are tracked right up to the point the capacity is fully secure.

You and your team will get the full support you need to find, capture, and keep the electrical capacity you require for your entire project pipeline.

Rapid electrification of most of the UK’s industries has put housebuilders in a race for capacity. 

Understanding the amount of capacity available, when, and at what cost, from purchasing a site through to planning and into delivery, is invaluable to help maximise your investment and prevent significant risks to a development. 

  • Unique service
  • Whole pipeline approach, a solution for all your projects
  • Optioneering
  • Regular status updates
  • Increased certainty of connections delivered on time
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Grid Dynamix TriConnex Service

Reliable Solution

A flexible view on the total capacity available for your schemes, our grid specialists respond to your needs, and give you certainty.

In House Skills

Using our in-house skills and experience to keep you close to the grid, we will advise which sites can get a timely point of connection.

Project Support

Supporting you throughout the life cycle of your project, from application submission to point of connection with regular status updates.

Knowledge and Time

Dedicated staff available to support, update and educate you and your team as the grid evolves.


This service is not chargeable for our existing customers and we will offer this service on a upfront basis to a new company where we identify that there is a high likelihood that we will secure future repeat business.

The smallest we consider for our new customers is 40 plots and there is no upper limit.

There are industry standard allowances for each size and type of domestic dwelling which are based on known demands over thousands of properties. You will often find that these standards are a lot lower than calculating each plot through a consultant as we are able to apply our knowledge of when the network is used.

We also have similar examples of most other types of demands on bigger sites such as pumping stations, schools, neighbourhood centres etc.

You can but to gain the best response from the DNO’s for the right amount of power, it’s best to get an experienced licensed ICP to do it on your behalf.

When assessing any key risk, a key consideration is what can I do to limit the likelihood and severity of the risk?

In terms of the risk, we mean your site having planning but no power…

By using our Grid Dynamix service, it reduces both severity and likelihood.

You need a suitable offer that you are happy with in terms of the cost and programme and then we would accept it on your behalf. Once you make payment, the capacity is yours to start design works etc.

From a cost perspective yes, from a time perspective less so. Sometimes chargeable reinforcement that is known as pre purchase, is better than free reinforcement due to the ICP’s ability to deliver the majority of the chargeable works on your behalf.

Relying on the DNO to deliver your free reinforcement adds significant risk to the certainty you have over any power on date.

Your information will not be shared and is secure under GDPR. Grid Dynamix is a secure service, helping you to establish grid connections for your schemes. We operate under NDA’s where appropriate and limit the number of developers we offer this service to, reducing conflicts.

That depends on the complexity and stage of the project. We need a limited amount of information at the early stage such as draft layout and accommodation schedule plus any other electrical needs and some initial high level project dates.

Not at all – as mentioned…

That is project specific information and would be part of the output of this process. There are dozens of stakeholders required to energise a sit and once the Grid Dynamix team have secured your connection, the delivery team will take over and provide updates of any actions you have to take e.g. completion of the land rights agreements. Where we are involved from the start we work with you to answer this question with “when you need it”.

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