Fibre Optic Broadband

1GB ready fibre networks are now a must-have for new homeowners.

Customer choice is as important as a pragmatic, rationalised single fibre network removing the need to interact and manage multiple providers just to get access to one extra provider. Our leading per plot rebates and the significant savings in groundworks costs make our proposal difficult to ignore.

Our fibre offering is built ready to enable the exciting future of smart homes. Our fibre is there – whether it’s for the continuously strong connection, equal upload and download speeds, control of heating and appliances via the cloud, shifting electricity consumption to maximise the cheapest tariffs or to power full Artificial Intelligence learning homes.

We design, install and connect a single fibre network that offers one of the widest choices of phone and broadband providers, including SKY, and allows us to guarantee the connections on time, as we control the entire process in house.

  • Extensive choice of broadband providers including Sky and Virgin Media
  • Gigabit ready connections made on time
  • Leading per plot rebates
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Project planning support

Our feasibility studies will help you at the early planning stages of your project and avoid unnecessary future costs.

Reduced costs

Our multi-utility approach creates cost efficiencies in the network design and delivery process.

Broad range of providers

Our extensive list of providers includes Sky and Virgin Media.

Connections on time

Gigabit ready connections, from day one.


We have secured the highest possible investment levels from our asset partners and reduced our installation costs as low as possible and we return 100% of the resulting rebate to you.

Absolutely, we get instructed very early on our schemes and so we make sure that you are able to show off the full potential of a fibre enabled home from day one.

The simple answer is no, BT aren’t currently a provider on our network however we have a comparable number of ISP’s including Sky and Virgin as well as budget internet only services ensuring that there is no digital exclusion on your developments.

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