Gas Installation

The role of gas as a form of heating homes in the future has most recently been under scrutiny.

However, gas will still be with us for a number of years and whilst we transition to other forms of low carbon energy we continue to design, install and connect thousands of plots per month.

To support our customers in the transitional period, we have developed a toolkit to enable you to calculate the impact of new regulations on your energy strategy for existing and new projects. The toolkit creates options that support developers in their future planning. As alternative fuels become available, we will be at the forefront of the research and standards, ensuring that they will be part of our multi-utility offering once viable.

As with our other utilities, you can benefit from our design and construction expertise when it comes to gas-related matters for your development.

  • Highly experienced design and delivery teams
  • Fully GIRS (Gas Industry Registration Scheme) registered
  • Support for your transition to low carbon home heating solutions
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Project planning support

Our feasibility studies will help you at the early planning stages of your project and avoid unnecessary future costs.

Reduced costs

Our multi-utility approach creates cost efficiencies in the network design and delivery process.

Design quality

Optimised network design solutions for your development.

In house delivery

Our operations team ensure your connections are on time every time.


Yes, for now depending on the size, start date and speed of build of each project, our bid team will take you through all the options to make sure you do not spend money on any infrastructure that you won’t be able to get the value from.

If you need to supply gas for non-residential uses then we can work with you to design the lowest cost option based on likely uses.


There are a few multi-utility providers in the market, but what sets TriConnex apart from the others is the high calibre of its staff.

Technical Director – Countryside

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