For our customers and stakeholders, we felt it important to provide an update on how TriConnex is responding to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Firstly, you ought to know we are treating the Coronavirus outbreak very seriously. The business has undertaken extensive planning over the last few weeks, and the safety and well-being of our staff, customers and suppliers remains our highest priority. We will continue to take guidance for our actions from the Government and Public Health England and monitor developments closely.

As much as possible, TriConnex intends to operate its offices and operations as normal whilst also taking sensible precautions to mitigate risk. As such we have focused on sensible personal hygiene measures (e.g. hand washing practices) and have also implemented a number of practical guidelines for the business to follow such as:

  • Avoiding the shaking of hands or other physical contact when meeting people.
  • Postponement of non-essential face-to-face meetings and utilising Skype or other electronic
    communication methods to enable meetings to take place.
  • Minimising the level of travel, including movement between our internal office locations
  • A restriction on hospitality and event attendance
  • Removing all but essential face-to-face training

A fundamental part of our planning is on business continuity to ensure our business can continue operating and deliver a great service for our customers. Detailed plans have been produced and scenario analysis undertaken to support this. In the event of an office closure, steps have been taken and investments made to expand our remote working capability and robustness. In addition, we have been in close communication with our supply chain.

As with many other businesses, our position on Coronavirus is dynamic and may be subject to change as Government advice is updated. We recognise the importance of communication at times such as this and will ensure that you and our staff are kept up-to-date on our approach. Additionally, specific communications will be issued to customers should planned works be impacted as a result of the situation escalating.

Finally, if you suspect any of your staff are ill and have had contact with TriConnex staff, we kindly ask that you notify us via your usual business contact to confirm who they may have been in contact with within our business.

Should you wish to discuss anything specific regarding the above please contact a member of the TriConnex team.