TriConnex director Chris Doré recently spoke to Housebuilder Magazine as part of their article on Squeezing the grid

“The lack of grid capacity is such a threat” Chris commented “it’s risk number one or two for developers. You can get planning but if you have no electricity your viability doesn’t exist,” he stated in a warning to Housebuilders

“Developers have a long process. They have to go through consultations and engage with the public. It could be years before they get to the point where they need electricity. And when they get to the end, they may find the capacity isn’t the same. That goes straight to the bottom line.”

Chris also joined peers talking about Connection Challenges and how utility companies can help housebuilders manage capacity

Commenting in that article he highlighted that “Developers used to be the biggest thing in town in terms of demand for new grid capacity, and it was easy to predict costs. But times have changed, with a number of businesses now eager to snap up capacity before housebuilders. ”

Read more of Chris’s insights alongside others in the industry HERE on pages 44-48 and 65-72