As with the first lockdown, our now well developed safety protocols will remain in place and we will continue to safely deliver the service you require from all of our departments.

Our Operations managers are available to help co-ordinate your utility needs on site and alongside all of our teams working, we have worked hard to maintain an unparalleled level of stock to ensure that your project is not impacted by material supply issues.

Our legal team will be fully operational to ensure that you don’t lose momentum on the all too critical leases, easements and wayleaves.

If you are looking at buying land our business development managers will ensure that you get the early budget advice you need.

Every utility project benefits from early sign up where the more time we have the more options we can offer through our experienced technical team.

Of course we are all looking forward to seeing each other in the flesh but until then you can rest assured that we are her for whatever you need.

Lockdown, what lockdown….