With TriConnex celebrating its 10th anniversary this month we planned a few activities to mark the occasion.

One such event was the “Power of 10”, a challenge for the business to collectively accumulate 10 million steps over a 10 day period, which if achieved would result in the business making a £10,000 donation to charity.

Monday the 26th April was judgement day, with the 10 day period having ended on Sunday the 25th. And after lagging behind the necessary run-rate (or walk-rate!) earlier in the week, a determination to achieve the 10 million target coupled with glorious spring weather over the final weekend meant the teams were inspired. The final result? Nearly 11 million steps being completed in total – 10,939,674 to be precise.

So well done to everyone who took part and we’ll now make the £10,000 donation to charity. The “Power of 10” is clearly a powerful force!

David Topping, Managing Director