This April TriConnex will reach its tenth year of trading, a moment that everyone connected with the business is immensely proud of.

Having launched in 2011, the completion of our first full decade is a landmark moment. When starting a new business venture, you never quite know what the future will hold yet 10 years later TriConnex continues to build on solid foundations and go from strength to strength.

Two of the current Directors, Mick Hine and Chris Doré led the team that started it all. Their mission – a clear brief from CEO Mike Morris – to create a utilities connection business that developers could trust because it delivers connections on time, every time.

As Mick will mention, TriConnex has been successful for a variety of reasons, but the fact it started out with a heritage in construction rather than traditional utilities was a distinct advantage. TriConnex’s sister company Tamdown has been providing civil engineering services to housing developers since 1976 so the creation of a utility connections division within the Group was a logical step to take. This deep understanding of developers then shaped what TriConnex was to become; a business that simplifies utilities for developers, speaks their language and ultimately delivers what others consistently fail to do – make connections on time.

It was a steep learning curve in the early days. The ethos for the business was set on day one of the first job with Bellway Essex, that being to never lose a customer. Consequently, no two days were the same and Chris has many stories of how a hands-on approach was needed from everyone, simply to get the job done. But from our humble beginnings of just a handful of people, we’ve now grown to employ nearly 250 staff operating out of offices in Braintree, Bristol and Leicester covering the South East, South West and Midlands regions.

And the learning curve never flattened! Once established as a provider of gas and electric connections, we set about developing our next connection offer and when Self Lay Provider status was obtained, water was added to the portfolio. Welcomed by developers as a refreshing alternative to the service provided by host water companies, the number of water connections we make has increased rapidly ever since.

Since adding water, we’ve further expanded our portfolio of services with the inclusion of fibre and electric vehicle charging connections, completing a full multi-utility offer.

As an Independent Connections Provider (ICP), we’ve been relentless in the pursuit of delivering service excellence. Ultimately, we thrive on our reputation and the relationships we create with our customers. We recognise that customers can choose where to place their business, so over the years, the mission has been to make the decision to place business anywhere other than TriConnex as difficult as possible.

Of course, our success over the last ten years would not have happened without the wonderful team we have here at TriConnex. We’ve grown together and developed together, evolved by staying open to new ideas, and for sure learned from any mistakes we’ve made along the way!

And finally, none of this would have been possible without our customers being willing to give us a try, believing in us and trusting us with their connections. We’re eternally grateful, as without customers we wouldn’t be a business at all, let alone one that has successfully completed its first decade and is now looking forward to many, many more.

David Topping, Managing Director