If by selecting a low carbon solution such as Air Source Heat Pumps it triggers reinforcement to the electricity network, TriConnex can look to access funding which potentially will unlock your development.

Time is of the essence as we would need to get applications for the fund in by March 2021 so please get in touch.

Key points on the recently announced £300m scheme detailing how DNO’s will pay for reinforcement to enable low carbon projects are detailed here.

The ideal projects for this scheme would be:

Ready to go (but don’t need planning permission in place)
Already have a DNO connection offer which shows the reinforcement cost
Not have commenced (the connection offer must not have been accepted)
Be low carbon enabling

If there is no connection offer we need to prove there is limited capacity – which we can do through network modelling and analysis.

For more details and help, please do get in touch or email enquiries@triconnex.co.uk