Developers have a choice of water network solution depending on who they choose as their connections provider.  Traditionally, a Self-Lay Provider (SLP) such as TriConnex would build water networks that are subsequently adopted by one of the regional water companies such as Thames Water. However more recently, NAVs have emerged.

A NAV (New Appointment and Variation) is an independently owned water network that sits within the region of the main water company such as Thames Water.

Over the last few years, TriConnex has been offering NAV networks to developers as part of their multi-utility connection offering – where TriConnex builds the network which is subsequently adopted by the independent asset owner (who operates and maintains the network going forward).

The uptake of NAVs by developers has been rapid.  The main benefit to the developer is a reduced up-front capital cost which helps with the developer’s own cash flow.

The home-owner end customer experience is exactly the same for both options and the costs are regulated in the same manner by Ofwat.

TriConnex has a wealth of experience in the delivery of NAV water networks for developers.  Having designed the network to the developer’s requirements our dedicated operations managers work with the housebuilder site teams throughout the project to make sure connection delivery is aligned with the developer build programme. That’s connections, delivered on time.